AEONLESS "Underearth Horizons"

AEONLESS are a duo with members from both Finland and Bulgaria that plays an atmospheric and depressive mixture of black and doom metal and this is a review of their 2014 album "Underneath Horizons" which was released by VACULA PRODUCTIONS. Classical music style synths start off the album and they also give the music an epic feeling and after the intro the music goes into a more heavy and atmospheric direction and adds in grim sounding black metal vocals and you can also hear a decent amount of melody in the bands musical style. After awhile a great amount of doom metal elements and guitar leads which use a great amount of melody are added into the music and you can also hear clean melodic singing and spoken word parts being added into certain sections of the recording and the recording sticks to mostly a slow or mid paced direction. As the album progresses the music starts to add in a few preludes along with clean and acoustic playing which also gives the music a more haunting atmosphere while the main focus remains on a heavier musical style and after awhile the vocals start utilizing more depressive sounding black metal screams and guitar riffing which is built upon a more black/doom metal foundation and at the times the vocals utilize a very deep and dark sound and throughout the album the band also bring in a few very long tracks which enhances the epic feeling of the recording. AEONLESS creates a very interesting sound with their music taking a blackened doom metal style and mixing it with the more atmospheric and depressive side of black metal as well as adding in a great amount of melody which results in a very diverse and melancholic sounding album, the production has a very heavy and powerful sound while the lyrics cover dark, depressive, misanthropic and melancholic themes. In my opinion AEONLESS are a very great sounding atmospheric and depressive mixture of black and doom metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this duo. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Sword & Scythe" , "Standards Of Misanthropy" , "Vulture Of Decadence" and "Mountain Peak".


Musicas muito bem tocadas, o CD e realmente muito rico em musicas com 18 musicas,todas de alta qualidade e me parece uma mistura muito agradavel do novo black metal com o velho black metal... A atmosfera do CD e muito boa,triste,pesada,antiga e nova o que torna todas as musicas tenebrosas. A musica Nothing do album eu poderia dizer que foi uma das melhores do album mesmo nao sendo pesada e nem um pouco black metal em questao instrumental e vocal,ela e pesada e melancolica o que deixa ela muito assustadora e boa.


Sometimes the life of a music reviewer becomes less easy. Now don’t mistake me for a whiner, rather it’s a life filled with a constant supply of music new and old and as much as that sounds like a blessing, privilege and a whole lot of fun, it can become all too much, too similar and a little boring. So in a sea of endless music, drowning in the best that modern metal has to offer it’s great just to sit back and listen without the need to analyse every aspect of the music. Coming back from a break in reviewing I notice that the scenes I write about are fresher, more enjoyable and a whole less “samely”. Aeonless acts as one of the first bands to achieve my fresh faced analysis, achieving the sensibilities of a genre well versed in atmospheric nuances and cold themes. ‘Underearth Horizons’ shows a group achieving greatness, although a lot of people will not have heard this humble little act on a very humble Wolfmond Productions. Draped in the usual stereotypes, Aeonless enjoys walking on the very foundations set in the early years of black metal; thankfully Underearth Horizons bring in their own individual modern flair to prevent any copycat syndrome. At its core, the album lives on a cinematic presence that builds and crescendos into a sweet black metal climax. It’s not all one direction however, as the album is broken neatly with six preludes. This gives the listener time to breathe, absorb and reflect on Aeonless’ brand of musical array. For those seeing “yet another black metal act”, the statement wouldn’t be that far from the truth however it goes to show with a few repeated listens and the ability to see past the stereotypes the listener can enjoy the very foundations of old, revisited and refreshed in 2014. In terms of what Aeonless actually brings to the table, it’s actually a hidden gem. Most will look at this album and dismiss it simply because there are a whole host of other similar bands. What most shouldn’t do is exactly that. Underearth Horizons is a display of cinematically charged atmospheric traditional black metal with enough turn around to ensure a multitude of repeated listens. More often than not stand out tracks come from underground bands, the problem is getting that particular band to a place where those tracks can be appreciated. Tracks like ‘Sword & Scythe’ and ‘Mountain Peak’ which bring together everything described above into eight plus minute tracks, soaring above the preconceptions of an over-saturated genre. It’s not without cause that the label behind the band is so willing to push these guys into the lime light. It’s not just a simple sales decision. It shows that the guys behind Wolfmond Productions have a decent head on shoulders thought process and are putting their resources behind Aeonless in a way that can only be perceived as positive. Overall, it’s a wonder that these guys are virtually non-existent on the world’s stage, although completely understandable. Throughout the album’s runtime of an impressive hour and twenty minutes (spread over eighteen tracks) the music doesn’t stale or stagnate, just flattens and re-crescendos into a closing section of the album.


АEONLESS ознаменува българо-финската дружба в метъла и са една от онези интернационални банди, конто трудно биха просъществували без развитието на комуникациите през последимте години. Главните дейст-ващи лица са мултиинструменталистът от Сандански Георги Георгиев, познат в ъндърграунда под различии псевдоними и от проекти като PEREVERSE MONASTYR, EXILE, FORGOTTEN FORESTS и RAGGRADARH, и финландският вокалист Jori Hautala. Двамата очевидно споделят и любовта си към стария фюнеръл дуум с ниско настроени китари, протяжни парчета и гробовен саунд, защото 18-те (!) парчета са издържани точно в тази стилистика. Гласът на Jori преминавапрез ръмжене до епично фолклорно пеене и допринася тежките меланхолични композиции да зазвучат още по-величествено. Не съм сигурен дали е умишлено търсен ефект, но продуцирането е доста примитивно и повечето от инструментите (особено барабаните) ми идват твърде немощни, за да успеят да постигнат на сто процента желаното внушение. За щастие музикантите вече са успели да открият лейбъл, който да разпространи творението им - остава да достигнат до решението, че записи а ла Quorthon в края на 80-те трудно биха впечатлили. За фенове на ВATHORY, UnNHOLY, ЕSOTERIC.