LABYRINTH SPELL "Mountains Enthroned"

LABYRINTH SPELL are a band from Brazil that plays a very raw, atmospheric and melodic form of black metal and this is a review of their 2014 album "Mountains Enthroned" which was released by VACULA PRODUCTIONS. A very fast and raw sound starts off the album along with some blast beats and high pitched grim screams and after awhile the music slows down a bit and adds in synths and melodies while still keeping around the more faster parts and you can hear quite a bit of Norwegian and Swedish black metal elements in their musical sound. Once solos are added into the music it gives the album more of a mid 90's melodic black metal feeling and the songs start using a good amount of slow, mid paced and fast parts while the more fast and raw ections dominate most of the recording and the band displays a very aggressive approach with their musical style as well as having epic synths mixing in with the raw parts and melodies and one of the later tracks also sees the band adding in a few seconds of clean singing. LABYRINTH SPELL brings back the more melodic, epic and atmospheric side of 90's era black metal with their music having, a bit of a DISSECTION and early SATYRICON feeling them but with a more raw and grimmer approach, the production has a very raw, powerful and heavy sound while the lyrics cover darkness and nature themes. In my opinion LABYRINTH SPELL are a very great sounding raw, melodic and atmospheric black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Forged by Fire And Blood", "Night of Eternal Chaos" and "Mountains Enthroned".