I supposed this is the first interview that we have made promoting directly one record company by interview and article. Anyhow, I think that this kind of interviews with the chiefs of record companies aren't bad idea at all. Here one could learn how the things are going on in music business and learn something more about the label and the publishing work. This time we are having the chance to present you one small Ukraine based label called VACULA PRODUCTIONS.

Hello Andriy! Please could you, for the beginning of this interview, introduce your label to us. You're coming from Ukraine and VACULA PRODUCTIONS is more extreme metal oriented label so to say.

I apologise for a delay with answers; I had a session at university somehow not before there was... Release of compact discs I have started to be engaged with second half of 2006, but the first release left in February, 2007. Fairly to tell, planned to be engaged in it earlier, and for it prepared. I had already a brief experience of CD-R releases. Disk VOLKH "Solemn March into the Ragnarok" has been published together with one Russian label. I so did not do; where it is easier and more pleasant to work independently. And about specialisation did not reflect, simply it is a pleasant black metal, and all that is connected with it. Such we are!

Can you write/add any comments about your releases and groups? So far, how many records you have published? Please, can you name them?

For given time we have let out seven CD releases. It is difficult to allocate any one release; they in own way all are good, and as critics speak - we do not producee bad groups. In my opinion, perspective group is MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR. In them I have enclosed most of all the forces and means and I expect return from this group. Their second album for our label "My Land's Blood" shows mature growth and professionalism is the future of Ukrainian black metal scene. If you doubt sincerity of my words, you can listen to them tracks laid out on our site though would be more correct to familiarise with whole an album in a human format accessible to the white person in a format where it is possible to order a compact disc, I think clearly.

Which was the best selling band and item on your record company?

Has well dispersed VOLKH "Solemn March into the Ragnarok". I have already spoken about MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR, perhaps the favorite, and in general to work still is over what. At such economic condition of the country fans buy discs and less go on concerts. I should bypass mp3 a piracy which steals from us music is the damage causes to any label and discredits it. If so proceed, labels soon will be not necessary, and music will sell in chips through the Internet. It is terrible to become from such and it would not be desirable to live. Where we slide?! But while I have possibility and profit from manufacture we will continue the business. Heathen metal war!

How would you like to select groups to sign for manufacture of VACULA? Any special standards or your personal taste comes first?
Here there are two most important components, components as you have told the standard. First, the group should have a qualitative material focused on black/death metal which gives live performances. Secondly, the group does not concern to that is called satanic black metal. Advantage we give to Ukrainian heathen black metal on the taste. If group is from other country we speak some details which are not specified in the contract. To let out all who with us it communicates extremely difficultly and there is much money, therefore there is a rigid selection. Present, to us every week sends demands for release of a disk from the different countries of Europe and the world. In this connection, using position, I wish to declare that we select a qualitative material and we wish to see return from groups, for example in concerts or mini tour. We wish to see not only well sold disks, t-shirts, stripes, but also level of execution on live performances. Be ready to endow something for-for the sake of the success and also possibility of an investment and the money if it is demanded by a certain situation differently we will not work well together. The glory comes to those who aspires to it.

As I have noticed, what you mainly are interested in Extreme groups also reports, it seens that you will never conclude the contract with group which is more in melodic waters? What metal develops, you have let out while?

You have correctly noticed, melodic groups not in my taste even if they adhere black metal. It not a taboo but to sign in the near future such groups I do not intend. For this purpose there are other labels which names I will not begin to name - what for to do to someone advertising; they and so on a kind. Who does not know, will find for itself thanks to the Internet. Here still I not understand as it is possible to let out black metal releases and folk, and there everyone dark ambient features? VACULA is a metal label, do not forget about it. The majority of groups signed on our label play style heathen black metal with coloring of this or that style.

Do you sometimes give any comments or instructions to the bands, how should they sound on their upcoming records or something as it or how the group should make their artwork?

Certainly, after listening of an album I contact musicians and I share the opinion concerning sounding. And recently such phenomenon becomes frequent. All my offers have been considered by groups to which it has been carried for what it big respect. From it only it became better. At least, never bad responses were. All has begun with the second our release (independent) MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR "We are War" realized in October, 24th, 2008. The album on time did not hold out to full-length, and I have suggested to include 2 songs "Scars of War" and "The art of devastation". Later, when we prepared the sixth release, I was dissatisfacted by sounding "Lies from Dreams", "Wind from the Darkwood"; they have been written down for two years earlier and in other studio because of it is sounded a little more muffled in comparison with the others. The guitarist of group TORTURER Vitaliy Karavaev has understood at once all, and after easy mastering all was "sehr gut". Much more difficult the situation was with MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR "My Land's Blood". Excellent music is sustained with epic atmosphere and melodic heathen black metal with impregnations death metal, but that was with a vocal!!! The matter is that the vocal belonged to the new participant of group - to the second guitarist who has incurred duties of the vocalist and as it is necessary to sing a scream concepts had no. In a short period of time it took video school on a vocal death metal and has started to study to a singing manner. But MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR play not death metal that it, maybe doesn't understand. To put it briefly, Aditon has written down a vocal on this of songs, and the eighth "Neglected Black Age" was sung by drummer and the author almost all texts Lecter. Aditon's vocal was as from other planet, made an effort a stomach as in a toilet, and after all the album is called "My Land's Blood"! The Another matter was from songs performed by Lecter is was venomous and a cutting stream of an exhaustion. I have called the drummer and have told about the opinion, on what it has reacted so that I at all did not expect. Lecter has simply gone to the day off in studio and has re-recorded all songs of Aditon. The result is obvious. Speaking about registration to disks I always corrected them, sometimes added pages to the booklet etc.

Aside publications, do you do any other things for the groups as the organisation of concerts and something as this? Besides, you print T-shirts and longsleeves?

We did small concerts in support of an album in the form of presentation, but there was it while only in the Western Ukraine, for example for group TEMNICH. By the way here also there were problems connected with nonpayment of the stipulated sum of money for musicians to road and performance... Such "surprise" have received from Anton (organizer and bass-guitar of group HAU DZEn). Very much it has not beautifully turned out... After that I have decided that in concerts competent people should be engaged and it is obligatory under the signed contract. To believe to a word as practice shows - itself to deceive. For MYRKVIDS DRAUMAR printed t-shirts (100 copies) and stripes. Regularly we give advertising in various musical magazines.

As you are from Ukraine, could you please tell to us something about your local scene. Already there are some groups from your country which are much known within some metal circles, thus it will be good if you can recommend us some of groups.

The most known Ukrainian black metal a scene is in the city of Kharkiv; groups have begun the way still in the mid-nineties. Names of these groups fans heathen black metal should know well all and representation do not require. Personally they pleasant to me: VERMIS MYSTERIIS, KHORS, DAMNATION PATH, NECROLATRIA.

And a final question: if there are any groups who would like to publish their material through your record company how could they contact you?

We are not haunted by conspiracy. Each interested person can contact us by e-mail, ICQ, MSN, Skype or to call me on a mobile phone. If someone wants in the old manner - write: Andriy Molchan, P.O. Box 209, 33028 Rivne, Ukraine. It is better to send the material on ifolder, but it is possible and on rapidshare with the biography of the group. Not all album. It is enough to send three songs in a mp3 format on or
Thank for the shown interest to our label and for interesting questions.