PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM are a band from Spain that plays a very fast, raw and atmospheric form of black metal and this is a review of their 2014 demo compilation album "Hate Decade" which was released by VACULA PRODUCTIONS. A very fast, raw and atmospheric sound along with blast beats start off the album along with some grim sounding high pitched screams a few seconds later and after awhile the music also mixes slower riffing and melodies into their sound as well as alternating between slow, mid paced and fast parts and there are synths are a huge part of the recording and they enhance the dark atmosphere of the music as well as adding in elements of dark ambient at times. After awhile the band starts adding in more of a fast style of black metal along with some elements of thrash while still keeping the atmospheric sounds as well as adding in melodic guitar leads at times and at time s the bass guitars have a very powerful sound to them and the music goes for mostly a mid 90's to early 2000's atmospheric and melodic style of black metal and some of the later tracks shows the band bringing in a mixture of both clean and heavy parts and a couple of the later tracks brings in a brief use of acoustic guitars and there are also a few long and epic tracks being utilized on the compilation at times. PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM shows a great amount of diversity on all of the tracks bringing in rawness, speed, brutality, melody, atmosphere, clean and heavy parts as well as a great amount of grimness and all of these elements combined makes the music sound very interesting, the production has a very dark, raw, powerful, and heavy sound while the lyrics cover anti christian, death and darkness themes. In my opinion PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM are a very great sounding fast, raw, melodic and atmospheric black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this compilation. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Tremolos Adoration In Blasphemy" , "Wounds Of Heaven" , "Abhorrent Christendom" and "Dark & Eternal".